How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets For Hawaii?

Aloha! Dreaming about Hawaii as your next vacation spot? Says hello to crystal clear beaches, the purity of the sand, and the smooth shells that adorn the beaches!

Beautiful temperate weather year-round will ensure that once you land here, you will never want to leave! The Culture of course is completely and utterly unique to say the very least!

Fun Fact about Hawaii: Surfing was invented here! That’s right! Naturally beautiful beaches and Crystal Clear oceans ensure that Surfing Lovers call this place home! The sport – Stand Up Paddle Boarding started on these very beaches and oceans!

You have set your heart on Hawaii as your vacation destination, now the question is finding cheap flight tickets for Hawaii!


Worry not! We have 5 unique ways in which you can find Cheap Flights to Hawaii!

  • Where to fly? Know Thy Destination!

If you take a close look at the cheapest gateway cities to Hawaii, they are as follows :

Honolulu, Oahu

Kahului, Maui

Lihue, Kauai

Tip to remember: Prices keep changing all the time, depending on the departure city. To be sure that you are availing the Cheapest Flight Tickets for Hawaii possible, comparing the fares is very very important!

  • When to Fly? Know Thy Timing!

Just to give you an idea as a first-time traveler to Hawaii, Off peak seasons are the best season to travel to Hawaii! Beautiful and warm all year round, Hawaii is best enjoyed to the fullest during off-peak seasons. The peak holiday seasons should be ideally avoided to avoid crowds and to save money at the same time! Peak seasons: U.S. Holiday of Thanksgiving ( Late November), and Christmas and New Year’s (Late December Onwards into early January)

  • Another Expensive Period

U.S. Summer Months- Mid-June to Late August! Avoid it if possible!

The sweet spot to target when it is possible to find the best deals in terms of Cheap Flight Tickets to Hawaii: The last week of August! This is the best time to consider the Flight Ticket Price for Hawaii Drops dramatically! Excellent & even better deals can also be found in off-peak periods and seasons including March as well as April, September, October as well as November! To be sure, you need to compare fares as well as dates to be very certain! You will be flying during very cheap periods! So hurry, avail these as soon as possible for the best flight experience at the cheapest prices possible! Go go go!

  • Check Out Google Flights

The best things are free in life! Nowhere is this more true than Google Flights! Google Flights is a blessing for those traveling looking to find Cheap Flight Tickets For Hawaii. It is completely free to take a close look at Flight Prices! One of the benefits of using Google Flights is that it is very very easy to use! Google Flights is one of the best ways to find a Cheap Flight to Hawaii! After that sign up for alerts! As you watch flight prices go up and down, you might experience a major drop that is substantial! If you experience this, go for it, as you know it will be a good time to buy tickets then! Click on the Departing Flight as well as the Return Flight! Once selected, right slide to “ track prices” After this is done, alerts will be received! Go for the kill when prices drop!

  • West Coast Travel

 Looking for the best deals when flying to Hawaii? We will let you in on a secret, the best deals are almost out of the US West Coast Cities! This is inclusive of California’s San Francisco, Oakland, Sandiego, and Los Angeles! Cheapest fares and travel is also available from smaller west coast cities! Cities such as Bellingham, Wash plus deals from other cities are Phoenix! Fly a discount carrier to any west coast city then move to Hawaii from there!

  • Using the point system to Book Flights

Flight Booking Offers in Hawaii can be easily availed by using the Point System to book flights! You need to check a couple of points before! Are you a highly responsible credit card user? Check. Are your cards paid off? Check! If these are true for you, then you can use points to get the best Flight Booking Offers (Hawaii)! This is a great idea! Many clients get to choose to book their flights separately. They can utilize their points for the maximum value possible!

Top recommendations: American Express Gold, Chase Sapphire! You manage to get solid bonuses – 60,000 to 75000 points! Be flexible with dates, and you will be lucky enough to get 2 flights to Hawaii!

Even if dates are not flexible, you can always cover parts of your trip and convert them into significant savings!

  • When to Buy Hawaii Tickets

The key to getting a good deal on Flight Ticket Price For Hawaii is knowing when to shop!

Best time to buy Hawaii Tickets? : 4 months – 21 days before departure!

Best day to shop: Tuesday Afternoon! This is a great time to get going on your Hawaii Ticket if you want to get them relatively cheap!

TiP; FareCompare: airfare alerts- Sign up for these! Hawaii Deals will come to you in real-time!


In A Nutshell

Finding Cheap Flight Tickets for Hawaii is super important for those who are looking to fly out to Hawaii as their favorite destination! It is a truly amazing destination to have on your go-to list for vacation! Finding reasonable and affordable flight tickets becomes even more important when it comes to going to Hawaii! We wish our travelers the very best experience when it comes to traveling first class to Hawaii to experience the best possible! Follow our guide on how to find cheap flight tickets for Hawaii and you won’t be disappointed with the results at all! Make your Hawaiin Dreams come true! Aloha 2022! Here we come!

Bon Voyage!

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